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Stockmar watercolours are ideal for first-time painting in the Waldorf kindergarten, for painting lessons at the Waldorf school and for creative design at home. Due to the high glaze ability, natural transparency and high light fastness of the colours, beautiful pictures can be created and especially with the wet-on-wet technique, since the colours can be mixed well with each other, contour-free colour gradients and appealing harmonious mixed tones can be achieved. The watercolours are non-toxic, very economical and water-soluble. The composition of the colours is based on Goethe's extended colour circle. Colours have a direct effect on people, especially on children in their first and second seven years. Free painting with watercolours offers children in the first and second year seven the opportunity to experience the laws of colour, their harmonious effects and their own life. The flowing of the colour stimulates the imagination and enables a creative process. supplementary assortment 6 colours. Size: 20ml per bottle. CE-certified. For many decades the company Stockmar, located in Schleswig-Holstein, has been producing quality products for art and art education. Building on Waldorf education, Stockmar products enable a genuine experience based on sensory experience. In product development and manufacture, Stockmar places great emphasis on ecological and social standards in addition to art education and aesthetic aspects. In doing so, the company combines decades of experience with the latest findings. From the packaging, shape, colour, scent and texture, as well as the artistic possibilities of the products, everything at Stockmar fits together to create an aesthetic, sensual and artistic overall result.

Item ID 10001547
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Stockmar
Weight 230 g
Dimensions 85×75×55mm
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Stockmar Watercolour Paints Supplementary Colours

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