Grimms Decorative Figure for Birthday Ring Rocket

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This beautiful, hand-painted wooden stick figurine is a great decoration for the rainbow birthday ring or the birthday spiral. It is not intended as a toy, but invites the children to marvel and can provide a little moment of joy especially on the birthday. We can also recommend it as table decoration or on the seasonal table. Besides the angel, our online shop also offers wooden figurines as squirrel, dragon, frog, angel, fir, crown or ballerina. For children, their own birthday is a very special celebration, which they look forward to with increasing age. In the Waldorf Kindergarten and in the lower classes of the Waldorf School the birthday child is the king, the queen on this day. But also at home the birthday of a child is one of the highlights of the year. For children, traditions and elements that recur over the years are very important as they give them a feeling of security and safety. So one of these rituals can be that the birthday ring or the birthday spiral is fitted with another plug every year and thus the small flock of plugs grows like the child year after year. Material: lime wood, hand-painted Dimensions: 67 x 30 mm. Attention! Decoration article! Not suitable for playing. Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design is a sustainable wood manufacturer from Southern Germany. From alder, lime, beech and maple wood beautiful things, as well as natural, high quality and safe wooden toys are produced. In the assortment of Grimm's there are many wooden toys that are real toy classics - just think of the wonderfully shining, harmoniously formed rainbow. In the development of its products Grimm's is guided by Waldorf education. The products are unique, which, with a few exceptions, are cut by hand and partly hand-painted. With the reduced design of the wooden toys Grimm's wants to allow a lot of space for the development of children's creativity. In the philosophy of Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design, wooden toys are not only there to keep a child busy, but above all to give children toys that are appropriate to their age, abilities and development. Toys should stimulate the imagination of children. This is the creative potential which can be available to a person throughout life. Through beautiful, artistically designed wooden toys made of natural materials and in good quality, the sense of beauty and a feeling for what quality actually means is also stimulated. The wood used comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The production is designed to be as resource-friendly as possible. For some products Grimm's works together with workshops for disabled people in Germany.

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Age rating 14 and older
Manufacturer Grimm's
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Dimensions 60×40×10mm
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