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In cooperation with Mercurius, Waldorfshop offers something very special during this unusual time. The offer consists of three different packages. The school package contains school supplies for the Waldorf School and supports you in accompanying your children in the best possible way during "homeschooling". The painting package contains everything needed to make the time spent together with the children at home creative. And the "Waldorfkind" Creative Package"offers suggestions and possibilities for the whole family to become artistically active together in their own four walls. In the school package you will find the following compilation of materials for Waldorf school children and for children who are eager to go to school soon or who are already going to school: -a medium blue epoch book (24 x 32 cm), a blue rainbow book checked, a green rainbow book lined, a red rainbow book for vocabulary, a blue greenfield rollerball pen, a Stockmar pencil and a Stockmar coloured pencil each, in blue, red and yellow with ergonomic triangular shape, and a Stockmar sharpener. So this package contains everything you need to discover or further explore the exciting world of letters, numbers and perhaps as yet unknown languages on a Waldorf educational basis. Mercurius is a subsidiary of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Berlin. Mercurius is one of the leading Waldorf school and kindergarten outfitters. Mercurius Stockmar sells products and products from specialist suppliers of high quality teaching materials to (Waldorf) schools worldwide. The company with many years of experience offers a uniform core assortment worldwide in high quality, with product safety and at fair prices. It produces socially and responsibly. High social and environmental standards are maintained and there is cooperation with social therapy workshops.

Item ID 10001512
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Mercurius
Weight 20 g
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Homeschooling School Kit

Item number WDS-2374

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