Waldorf-style Doll Julika

Doll girl in Waldorf style

OrganicMade in Germany

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Like each of the Tannigel dolls, Julika, the doll girl with long, blonde hair, is a handmade unique piece. According to the values that also apply to Waldorf dolls, Julika is made of organic cotton jersey and filled with new wool. The design of the doll leaves plenty of room for your child's imagination. The materials used are of high quality, free of harmful substances and certified. Julika comes with a dress set that was made especially for her.

Dimensions: L 40 cm.

Age recommendation: from 3 years.

Dolls in Waldorf education

Through play the child experiences the world. When playing with dolls, the child can process experiences and sensory impressions. Waldorf dolls are particularly suitable for this. In the spirit of Waldorf education, which was brought to life by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, these dolls stimulate the child's imagination through their liberating design. They also have a beneficial and encouraging effect on the children's sense of touch and on the development of empathy and social behavior. We hope that our dolls will become faithful companions for your children.

Our doll family in the Waldorfshop also includes the doll boy Gunnar, the doll boy Ben and the doll girl Gertrud

In the book "The Waldorf Doll" it is described how dolls can be made in the Waldorf style.

More dolls and cuddly toys for the lover as well as beautiful wooden toys can be found here in the Waldorfshop! 

A small handicraft business from Germany 

Tannigel is a small handicraft business in Germany, where Maria Hiener creates doll children in loving handwork. She learned the profession of doll designer 12 years ago in one of the most famous companies in Germany. Her handicraft and creative work is dedicated to the textile design of individual children's fashion, the doll design as well as the design of furniture and living space.

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Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Tannigel
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Dimensions 400×150×100mm
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