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Wax crayons in gold and silver

Under our own brand waldorfkind we have put together this wonderful set for you in cooperation with Ella Lapointe. In a very special gift box, designed by the artist Ella Lapointe, you will find one silver and one gold wax crayon. Ideal as a gift for Santa Claus, in an advent calendar or for Christmas!

Dimensions: Wax colouring blocks approx. 4,1 x 2,3 x 1,2 cm.

A creative collaboration

Ella Manor Lapointe studied art and painting for 5 years at the NeueKunstSchule in Basel, Switzerland. She works with a variety of media and techniques such as drawing, watercolour, pen, collage and occasionally vector graphics. Her beautiful, lovingly and vividly designed paintings for children allow us to immerse ourselves in everyday situations and discover the special little things of the moment.

Out of the impulse to find products that are meaningful, sustainable, fairly produced and aesthetically appealing, our own brand waldorfkind was born. Here we can design articles according to our ideas and carry them out into the world in cooperation with manufacturers and artists*. One of these artists is Ella Manor-Lapointe, who inspires waldorfkind with her enchanting works.

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"Moon and Stars" - wax crayons in gold and silver

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