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With beautiful pictures through the year!

Lovingly designed annual calendar by the artist Ella Manor Lapointe. Month after month, the atmospheric pictures of Ella Manor Lapointe accompany you through the year 2021. When a month is over, the leaf of the month can be cut off and the picture can live on as a postcard or as a picture in the children's room. 

A waldorfkind product! 

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Dimensions: DIN A4.

Art based on Waldorf education

Ella Manor Lapointe studied art and painting for 5 years at the NeueKunstSchule in Basel, Switzerland. She works with a variety of media and techniques such as drawing, watercolor, pen, collage and occasionally vector graphics. Her beautiful, lovingly and vividly designed paintings for children allow us to immerse ourselves in everyday situations and discover the special little things of the moment.

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Picture calendar 2021 by Ella Manor Lapointe

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