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atmospheric dwarf game especially for long autumn and winter eveningstwo game variants for 2-8 persons entertaining, cooperative and inspiringGame board is put together as a 6-piece puzzleFront and back playablefrom 5 or 6 7 years old"play well"-excellentThe special dwarf dice game - for cosy hoursThe fairytale forest shadow game is an entertaining and cooperative dice game for young and old, which enchants long autumn and winter evenings. Suitable for 2-8 persons. The game board is put together as a 6-piece puzzle. Size 38,5 x 58,5 cm.front: While the candle tries to enchant all the dwarves, the dwarves all want to meet under a tree. Searched by the wandering light the dwarves hide in the shadow of the trees. The burning tea light wanders through the forest in the dark and looks for the little dwarves in their shadow hiding places. If the ray of light hits a dwarf, the dwarf is enchanted and must not move. He can be redeemed by other dwarves - for this they have to wait until the light has gone far enough so that another dwarf in the shadow can reach him. Back: The light stays in its place. The dwarves must walk through the shadow and jump over the fire. Those who stay in the shadows wait until one of the other players reflects a beam of light to them and thus helps them. The game is finished when all dwarves have come home safely.age recommendation: from 5 (front) or 7 years (back).contents: 3 small, 4 medium, 3 large trees, 7 dwarves, dice, slider for the tea light, 1 x organic tea light in the glass"game good"-excellent.ATTENTION. Not suitable for children under three years of age. Small parts danger of suffocation. Contains one tea light. Danger of burns. Use under adult supervision.

Item ID 9788600
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Kraul
Weight 940 g
Dimensions 335×230×60mm
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Game: Shadows in the Wood

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