Das.Brett Flexible Balance Board with Cork Strips


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Springy fitness and sports equipment & creative play object Balancing exercises have always been used by children in play. They are an integral part of their development. In Waldorf education they have begun to use elements to support balancing training. This sports equipment is much more and suitable for all age groups! Promotes the sense of balance, body awareness, mobility & depth perception even in the smallest children - later fitness and training equipment for the older ones. The cork protection (not removable) prevents damage to the floor and it does not slip away. The board can take loads of up to 120 kg and still remains pliable and flexible. Including illustrated instructions for use and gymnastic exercises. Material: 7-layer beech veneer wood from sustainable and certified forestry from Thuringia and Austria. Dimensions: L 86 x W 28 x H19 cm. Weight 2,2 kg. Made in Germany. Balancing exercises are an integral part of the child's development and promote a sense of balance, body awareness, mobility & depth perception for back, strength and endurance training for yoga & relaxation including illustrated instructions for fitness and gymnastic exercises for all age groups. Cork protection (not removable) prevents damage to the floor, can be loaded up to 120 kg. Sports equipment, not a toy! Sports equipment according to DIN EN 913, suitable for children from 3 years. Children under 6 years of age must be specially supervised. May only be used on level ground. May not be raised on one or both sides!

Item ID 200089
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer TicToys
Weight 2300 g
Dimensions 860×280×190mm
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