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Wooden construction kit from 6 years, assembly from 10 years20 m of stringDelivery without dollsRide dolls (set of 3) 1618200 order gondola approx. 17 cm Photo in combination with the winch station kit art. no. 1618400 (please order separately)"spiel gut"-excellentCable car construction kit made of wood with 1 gondola. The station regulates the shuttle traffic of two gondolas and is mounted "oben" it redirects the hauling rope and keeps the two carrying ropes at the correct distance from each other. If the wheel is turned, one gondola comes up, the other one goes down. By loading the upper gondola, the lower car can be pulled up by its own weight. Incl. 20 m of string, without dolly - order a set of 3 dolls (1618200) at once. "Game good"-excellent.length of the gondola: approx. 17 in combination with the kit winch station item no. 1618400 (please order separately).age recommendation: game from 6 years, assembly from 10 years.

Item ID 8200000
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Kraul
Weight 475 g
Dimensions 210×110×55mm
tab placehold


Kit to make your own Cable Way with Gondola

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