Livos Natural Theatrical Make-up for Children

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12 colours made of purely natural ingredients excellent covering power very good skin-compatible easy to apply without preservatives for carnival, children's birthday party tested according to DIN EN 71, CE- 12 in a practical box The only natural make-up at all The colours are based on vegetable oils and are extremely skin-friendly and have a high covering power. They do not run off when sweating. This makes make-up fun! For children and adults, for carnival, children's birthday parties and for every occasion. Ink box with 12 jars. And this is how it works: First apply a little cream to dry skin, then outline the desired motif with fine lines. This can be done with a fine brush, cotton swabs or a soft cloth wrapped around a stick (toothpick etc.). Then fill in the areas with a wide brush. For large areas it is best to use a sponge. Removal of make-up is very easy with cream or oil and a soft cotton cloth. Soiled clothing can be cleaned with a detergent with fat-dissolving properties suitable for the textile in question. For a good feeling on the skin ATTENTION:Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the play function.

Item ID 4163400
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Livos
Weight 205 g
Dimensions 230×90×15mm
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