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Set of 2 for decoration stable and also in wet conditions to knot tightly, easy to loosen again each approx. Ø 1,5 cm, length: 2 m 100 % wool felt handmade from Nepal thumb thickness and strong as a bear! Our thick felt cords are extremely stable and do not tear or slip even when wet. Tightly knotted, very easy to unknot again. Set of 2. 100 % wool felt. Dimensions: each Ø approx. 1.5 cm, length 2 m.

Item ID 4993220
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer RA Naturstyle
Weight 240 g
Dimensions 220×220×35mm
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RA Naturstyle

Woolfelt Cords in Red and Orange

Item number 4993220

EUR 15.00 *
Content 4 meter
Unit price EUR 3.75 / meter
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