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The METAL-FREE BED FOR FEELY CHILDREN : SARA building biologists have observed that METAL PARTS IN BEDS MAY CONTRACT THE SLEEP OF FEELY CHILDREN. For these children we have designed the SARA cot: The ingenious push-fit system requires no metal parts. Due to its low entry height of 30 cm, SARA is perfectly suited as the first "big" bed. SARA: The bed for children and young people for natural, healthy sleep made of biologically treated solid alder wood. Completely trouble-free thanks to the complete absence of metal parts. Beautiful finish: Harmoniously curved lines on the side, head and footboards. Dimensions:Wood thickness 2.5 cm, lying surface 90 x 200 cm, seat height 30 cm. Outer dimensions: Approx. L 205 x W 96 x H 70 cm (headboard with ellipse) Delivery without slatted frame. To keep your transport costs as low as possible, our furniture is delivered for self-assembly (see assembly instructions). Please note the shipping costs (€ 40,00/60,00 CHF). Fits: - ROLL Slatted frame L 200 x W 90 cm, Art. No. 16 234 00 - BIO-MATTRESS made of coconut latexed with pure natural katschuk, - L 200 x W 90 cm, Art. No. 16 234 00 - For medium to firm sleeping comfort - BIO-MATTRESS made of 1/3 natural latex, 1/3 coconut, 1/3 natural latex - L 200 x W 90 cm, Art. No. 8135 00 - For soft to medium firm sleeping comfort - BIO MATTRESS made of pure natural latex, - L 200 x W 90 cm, Art. No. 2844 00 - For cuddly soft sleeping comfort You can find more information about our furniture in our Livipur annual catalogue.

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Livipur Sara Children's and Youth Bed 90 x 200 cm


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