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The slatted frame is based on an untreated solid wood beech frame. It is offered in the following variants: rigid, back-high position, back- and foot-high position, each of the variants is metal-free. The beech slats are flexibly mounted in rubber caps. These are flush with the outer frame, so the slatted frame also reacts flexibly in the edge zones. A middle zone reinforcement serves to adjust the degree of hardness. It is perfectly suitable for all mattresses listed here: Mattress made of coconut latex/natural latex foam, mattress made of horse hair, mattress made of horse tail hair, PuiMa Solo, PiuMa Lana. The slatted frame is also suitable for many other mattresses from our shop. Recommendations: Body weight: suitable up to 100 kg Frame: 6 cm 100% solid beech wood, rigid, back upright position, back-foot upright position. Slats: 100% beech veneer, 7-ply glued. End point support: 100% synthetic rubber. Dimensions: H 10 cm x W 90 cm x L 200 cm. Weight: 15 kg.

Item ID 10001118
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Baumberger Schlafkomfort
Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 2000×100×900mm
tab placehold

Baumberger Schlafkomfort

Slatted Bed Base Rigid

Item number 3180920N

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