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The basic equipment of every school child at a Waldorf school includes a roller folder. This special type of pencil case is intended for storing the wax crayons and wax crayon blocks. The beautiful rolling folders "DieLederwerkstatt" are made in traditional handicraft in a sustainable and resource-saving way from pure vegetable tanned Beutelleder, which is particularly supple and handy. The rolling folders are dyed with high-quality dyes free of heavy metals. Thanks to the high quality workmanship, the Rolling Wallet can be a daily companion for your schoolchild for many years. The Rolling Wallet has space for 12 wax crayons and 12 wax crayons. The practical layout means that the wax crayons and pencils are always to hand. It can be easily rolled up and is tied with a leather strap. The roll-up pencil case is also available in blue. With the change from the 1st year seven to the 2nd year seven also the change from the Waldorf kindergarten to the Waldorf School is coming up. This is an important and decisive step for children and parents. In the book "This is Waldorf School" by Wolfgang Held or in more detail in "The Education of the Child" by Rudolf Steiner, basic anthroposophical and Waldorf ideas can be read. One Waldorf educational aspect is the great importance attached to the child's environment. The child's environment has an immediate effect. For this reason, we do not use colours that overflow with stimuli and prefer materials that offer a rich variety of experiences and sensory perception. In this sense, this roll-up case for wax crayons and wax blocks is perfectly suited for the beginning of the school years. Material: organic leather. Delivery without contents. Made in Germany For more than 30 years "Die Lederwerkstatt" has been producing leather goods in the Gänsmühle in traditional handcraft. They work in a resource-saving and sustainable way. For their leather goods they use pure vegetable tanned cowhide and the dyeing is achieved by high-quality dyes free of heavy metals.

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Die Lederwerkstatt

Red pencil case made of organic leather

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