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Flautina is the princess among the school recorders. She convinces not only by her external values, but also by the conical wind tunnel, which helps to shape the air into an enchanting sound. Flautina is 3-piece - so you can adjust the foot piece to fit your own fingering comfortably. And since a princess does not leave home without appropriate jewellery, a small gemstone adorns the head of the instrument. fingering: baroque, double hole. Material: pear tree, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestry. Hand-made in Germany.32 x Ø 3.1 cm, weight: 70 g.Included in delivery:InstrumentPeg grease cloth bagFinger chartWiper rod and cotton ragsdie "Princess" with crystal stones decorative conical wind tunnel for an enchanting tone3-piece soprano school fluteFootpiece can be individually adjusted to 440 or 442 Hz tuned for playing together with other instrumentsMaterial: pearwood, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestryHandmade in GermanyIncluded in delivery: instrument, peg grease, cloth bag, fingering chart, wiper rod and cotton clothInstrument manufacturing Kunath

Item ID 4284000
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Kunath
Weight 228 g
Dimensions 330×140×40mm
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Kunath Recorder Flautina

Item number 4284000

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