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Soprano single hole baroque fingeringPearwood natural, oiled, waxedincluding cotton bag, wooden wiper rod, grease box, fingering chart, care instructionsThis sound is the ideal basis for group lessons or class music! Children can feel it especially well - therefore good grip security. Full ensemble sound, particularly good mixing ability. Natural pearwood, baroque single hole. Mollenhauer. Incl. cotton bag, wooden wiper rod, grease container, fingering chart, care instructions For your information: First musical instrumentsChildren love fine sounds and almost always choose pentatonic tone sequences, the "Primeval music of mankind" that always sounds harmonious. This is why pentatonically tuned instruments are particularly suitable for early musical education.

Item ID 3018500
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Mollenhauer
Weight 230 g
Dimensions 350×140×50mm
tab placehold


Waldorf Recorder

Item number 3018500

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