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The Clarineau is the ideal introductory instrument for anyone who wants to get closer to the clarinet or saxophone. It grasps like a recorder and thus makes it easier to get started or change instruments. Range: chromatic c' - d'' for beginners. For advanced players another octave can be played. Please look at the grey hatched areas of the fingering chart. The chalumeau is historically the forerunner of the modern clarinet and we blow with an embouchure comparable to that of the clarinet. The Clarineau combines the charm of the historical chalumeau with the advantages of the modern clarinet mouthpieces. And because an instrument can only ever be as good as its mouthpiece, the Clarineau has a high-quality Zinner mouthpiece made in Germany. The reeds are made in Germany by a small manufactory. Material: pear tree, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestry. Handmade in Germany.Included in delivery:InstrumentZinner mouthpiece with cap sheet metal reed screwreedreed reedgrease reservoir oil maintenance oil cloth bag fingering tablewiper rod with cotton clothEntry instrument to get closer to the instruments clarinet or saxophone Range: chromatic c' - d'' for beginnersFor advanced players another octave is playableMaterial: Pear tree, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestryHandmade in GermanyIncluded in delivery: instrument, Zinner mouthpiece with cap, reed, reed screw, grease container, oil, cloth bag, fingering chart, wiper rod with cotton clothInstrument making Kunath

Item ID 4284700
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Manufacturer Kunath
Weight 340 g
Dimensions 350×110×40mm
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Kunath Clarineau Baroque 440 Hz

Item number 4284700

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