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Engelberg five-tone flute, with recessed fingeringsIt has been specially developed for entering the world of wind instruments. The dimensions of the sound-forming parts differ considerably from those of traditional recorders, but without losing or even hindering their possibilities of clear articulation. incomprehensibly, the area of articulation is often neglected, although it has long been known that it is the tone that makes the music. And what does a melody sound like when it consists of nothing but equally sounding breathed tones? Our language lives through the colourfulness of articulation. And when we tell children a fairy tale, for example, we use all these shades of our language in order to let the little listeners experience the story properly.if music is to live in children, it is important that it can be experienced by them.it would also be incomprehensible that at an age when children have already learned the articulation of sounds (language), this ability should not be used and developed for music.for this reason, in the development and construction of each individual instrument, great value has been placed on the possibility of free and broad articulation. However, since the Engelberg five-tone flute is aimed at beginners, the range was deliberately limited in order to concentrate the lessons on the basics. So the children are not distracted from the search for small, cleanly played and palpable melodies by a large range that they cannot grasp. fingering: pentatonic, 5 tones - range: d" ,e" ,g" ,a" ,b".Sound 440 Hz: especially warm and soft Sound 432 Hz: soothing through the frequency of the "planetary tuning".Material: pear tree, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestry. Handmade in Germany. Since wood is a natural product, the colour tone may be darker than shown in the photo. Dimensions: L 27 x Ø 3,1 cm, weight: 80 g.Included in delivery: Instrument (with recessed grips)cloth bagFingerings tableWiper rod and cotton clothSpecially developed for beginners with recessed gripspentatonic - range: d" ,e" ,g" ,a" ,h" 440 Hz or 432 Hz (recommended by Rudolf Steiner)Sound 440 Hz: especially warm and soft sound 432 Hz: soothing due to the frequency of the "planetary tuning"Material: pear tree, oiled and waxed from sustainable forestryHandmade in GermanyScope of delivery: instrument, cloth bag, fingering chart, wiper rod and cotton clothInstrument manufacturing Kunath

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Kunath five-tone flute, 432 Hz

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