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for free playing and for improvising pentatonic from toddlers to school age 8 tones d'' - g''' with detailed instruction booklet The rainbow glockenspiel made of alder has a harmonious effect with its combination of colours and tones, awakens the joy of free playing and makes it easier for children from 4 years of age to learn small melodies It has 8 tones in the pentatonic tone sequence d '''- g '''' and a curved shape with a fixed sound carrier. It comes with an accompanying booklet and 2 mallets. Made of alder. dimensions: 31 x 14 cm. For your information: First musical instruments Children love fine sounds and almost always choose pentatonic tone sequences, the "primeval music of mankind", which always sounds harmonious. This is why pentatonically tuned instruments are particularly suitable for early musical education.

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Pentatonic chimes

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