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for detailed work Brighten up contours or lettering and incorporate in practical pencil form A must in every wiping technique equipment. With the eraser pencil, lettering, ornaments or shading can be worked out easily and cleanly. Worth knowing and tips: Rubbing - brushing - wiping - polishing To maintain the purity of the colours when rubbing, it is helpful to assign each side of the rubbing block to a specific colour and to colour mark it accordingly. With the basic colours red, blue and yellow all other colours can be mixed in the sense of Goethe's colour circle. Not only paper in all thicknesses and qualities - with the exception of lacquer-like surfaces - but also stones, wood, plaster, canvas and shells are suitable as painting surfaces. For special effects and contours the colour sticks can be used like pens. Lettering, ornaments and shades are created by an eraser pencil holder.

Item ID 7270700
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Lyra
Weight 20 g
Dimensions 125×15×15mm
tab placehold


Eraser Holder

Item number 7270700

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