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The practical and beautiful tin case contains 8 different wax crayons in the standard colours. Wax crayons are, besides the wax crayon blocks, the classics in Waldorf kindergarten and Waldorf school when it comes to first painting, drawing and writing. Because of their excellent painting qualities and their harmlessness to health they are also suitable for the smallest children. As the beautiful pens meet the highest educational and artistic demands, they are an essential part of the school's needs for the Waldorf School, can be used in every Waldorf Kindergarten and of course can also be used creatively at home. The wax crayons have a pleasant beeswax scent and through this and their bright colours appeal to the child's senses in many ways. In the sense of the basics of Waldorf education they enable the children to paint and experience colour freely, which is not limited to exact outlines and shapes, but allows an imaginative immersion in colours and forms. As they are already suitable for the smallest children, but due to the variety in artistic use they also offer older children interesting possibilities in expression and design, the wax crayons can be a companion for many years in the creative activities of the children. Matching the wax crayons we offer different, beautiful roller crayons and sharpeners. "spiel gut" awarded. Contents: 8 wax crayons in a tin case including scraper. 01 carmine red, 03 orange, 05 lemon yellow, 07 green, 09 blue, 11 blue-violet, 13 red-brown and 15 black. Certificate: CE. For many decades the company Stockmar, located in Schleswig-Holstein, has been producing quality products for art and art education. Building on Waldorf education, Stockmar products enable a genuine experience based on sensory experience. In product development and manufacture, Stockmar places great emphasis on ecological and social standards in addition to art education and aesthetic aspects. In doing so, the company combines decades of experience with the latest findings. From the packaging, shape, colour, scent and texture, as well as the artistic possibilities of the products, everything at Stockmar fits together to create an aesthetic, sensual and artistic overall result.

Item ID 8503100
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Stockmar
Weight 131 g
Dimensions 105×95×15mm
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Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons 8 Colours in a Tin - Basic

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Item number 8503100

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