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The original idea for the construction wooden building blocks came from a Waldorf teacher in the USA. He noticed that children in the transition to the second year seven feel a great will to build and construct. Unfortunately, conventional wooden building blocks did not do justice to this urge, as larger buildings could not be built because of their natural and unequal form. So he came up with the idea of preserving ordinary branches and tree slices in their natural form and bark on the one hand, but standardising the spacing. This is how the blocks with a height of 2,4,6,8 or 10cm were created. Thanks to their natural feel, they can be used to create wonderful buildings. The set contains 72 pieces and is especially suitable for institutions and kindergartens with pre-school children. The blocks are made of FSC certified wood and are heat treated, sanded and oiled. Contents 72 pieces Delivery without dolly

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Construction wood blocks, 72 ecoBlocks sanded / oiled, mesh bag

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