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Steerable. With 2 dolls, loading fork and shovel. The boom is infinitely adjustable in height and in 3 positions. Loading fork and shovel can be exchanged without much effort. L 40 x W 14 x H 13 cm.1 kg. From 3 years. All wooden toys are made of solid beech wood. They are neither screwed nor nailed, but are high-quality toothed and dowelled and can even withstand the demanding loads in kindergartens. Real products with hand and foot! Robust and multifunctional vehicles with child-friendly operation made of solid beech wood. High-quality toothed and wood dowelled, manufactured completely without nails or screws. Many play functions steerable height adjustable solid beech wood, water-based varnish, tyres made of PE. Production in Germany.

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Fagus telescopic loader

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