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A shapely and extraordinary dollŽs house made of solid alder wood, in which little dwarfs, elves or fairies like to live. Lovingly handcrafted, sanded, oiled and waxed. A 1.5 cm solid base plate ensures stability. Room height below 16 cm, above 15 cm. Dimensions L 45 x W 30 x H 36.5 cm. From 3 years. for dolls, animals, elves or dwarfs. versatile house also as Christmas stable for the Holy Family

Item ID 4214200
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Norbert Verneuer
Weight 4735 g
Dimensions 475×460×415mm
tab placehold

Norbert Verneuer

Wooden Fairy Tale Doll House

Item number 4214200

EUR 145.50 *
Content 1 piece
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