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Bark wood castle from high-quality lime wood16 elements for many castle variantsalso for houses, yards, etc.Delivery in cotton net from 1.5 yearsA joy for the senses is this natural castle from lime wood-branch wood. The natural bark makes the elements look particularly rustic. They are handy and can be arranged again and again to new buildings. 16 parts in a cotton net.age recommendation: from 1.5 years.for you to know:From about 3 years, children start to invent ornaments or pictures with coloured elements and develop skills in handling different materials. Traditional wooden castle for nature lovers

Item ID 4278800
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Glückskäfer
Weight 1860 g
Dimensions 350×300×10mm
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Nic Wooden Blocks with Bark

Item number 4278800

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Content 1 piece
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