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With his red pointed cap, blue eyes and blond hair, little Bobo from Heidi Hilscher brings joy into the everyday life of children. The enchanting doll-boy is available for every kind of fun and is a loyal companion, friend and comforter. He is always there when you need him and is happy to help you fall asleep in the evening. The discreet face painting allows the child to reflect all feelings and emotions in the doll. Little Bobo, sewn from GOTS-certified organic cotton and filled with Bioland sheep's wool, wears changeable clothes. The clothes are also made of GOTS-certified organic cotton just like all the other dolls made by Heidi Hilscher, little Bobo also comes from the German doll manufactory in Ulm. Two essential aspects are considered and combined in the production of the Hilscher dolls: the ecological aspect means a cloth doll made completely from biological natural fibres, the pedagogical aspect is reflected in the discreet facial design of the dolls, so that there are no limits to the child's fantasy.

Item ID 4212500
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Manufacturer Heidi Hilscher
Weight 365 g
Dimensions 390×300×80mm
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Heidi Hilscher

Ecological Waldorf-style Doll Bobo

OrganicPlay well

Item number 4212500

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