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A perfectly shaped, beautiful doll carriage for little doll daddies and doll mommies. The doll pram is equipped with a push handle that can be adjusted in height and inclination and extended. This makes the doll pram a long companion through childhood. It is made of alder wood, which has been oiled. The fabric for the cushion comes from the manufacture Westfalenstoffe and is from controlled organic cultivation. The filling is pure organic virgin wool from controlled organic animal husbandry. L 55 x B 33 x H x 51/54 cm. Recommended from 1 year. made of oiled alder wood Push handle adjustable in height and inclination with cushion and blanket and brake

Item ID 4212600
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Norbert Verneuer
Weight 5260 g
Dimensions 510×365×420mm
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Norbert Verneuer

Renowned alder wood doll's pram with a blue cushion

Item number 4212600

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Content 1 piece
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