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This pillow contains a very durable, soft and point-elastic filling. The latex flakes consist of 100% natural latex and are pourable. So the material can be formed very individually for example to the neck area. As latex flakes are non-slip to the same extent, the filling stays almost in shape until it is shaken again. The latex flake pillow can even be washed in its entirety if required. The filling level can be adjusted very easily by removing or adding flakes. Filling: 100% natural latex flakes. Washable: 30° hand wash. Cushion cover: 100% organic cotton, percale. Washable: 60 ° with zipper. Dimensions: H 11 cm x W 40 cm x L 80 cm. Weight: approx. 2.1 kg.

Item ID 10001165
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Baumberger Schlafkomfort
Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 800×110×400mm
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Baumberger Schlafkomfort

Pillow Filled with Latex Flakes 40 x 80 cm

Item number 4004080A

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