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Spelt husks, with their high silicic acid content, have a beneficial effect on body and soul. The spelt cushions are light, very air-permeable and heat-storing, because they are grain-free and contain only the whole husks. Spelt husks are not elastic, but free-flowing and therefore adapt particularly well to the shape of the head and neck. By removing or adding husks, the height of the pillow can be adjusted very easily. The spelt quilted pillow consists of the basic pillow plus quilted cover and thus has an inner cover. Filling: 100% organic spelt husks. Quilting cushion: 100% organic cotton, fine percale. Stitching: 100% organic cotton, 300g/qm. Underside quilting: 100% organic cotton, jersey. Washable: 60° with zipper. Dimensions: H 11 cm x W 40 cm x L 80 cm. Weight: 2.15 kg.

Item ID 10001149
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Baumberger Schlafkomfort
Weight 2150 g
Dimensions 800×120×400mm
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Baumberger Schlafkomfort

Quilted Pillow filled with Spelt

Item number 4094080A

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Content 1 piece
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