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For small and large handsWith an untreated wooden handleTo discover, research and individual designA walk through the forest or over fields is much more fun if you have the magnifying glass made of wood with you. Tiny insects have very interesting eyes, legs, wings etc. Tree bark looks like a big furrowed landscape. Up close, leaves look very different - smooth or ultra-fine hairs. Puddles have an amazing content when you look closely. The wood is untreated and can be designed individually, and there is an infinite amount to discover at home. The grain of the wardrobe, the breadcrumbs on the plate, the moss on the season table or the plush fibre of the cuddly toy. dimensions: Ø magnifying glass 5,5 cm, length handle 8 cm, thickness 0,9 cm. for observing little animals for examining plants and all kinds of tiny things for reading small written texts for self-creation (painting, sticking) made of untreated wood.

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Wooden magnifying glass

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