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for balancing between trees 5 cm wide belt for children and adults length 17.5 m with ratchet trains the sense of balance, promotes self-confidence resilient up to 150 kg colour assorted Balancing like the tightrope walkers in the circus. Our slackline is approx. 5 cm wide, which ensures good hold and fast progress. It is simply stretched between two trees at a height of approx. 50 cm, and off you go. The assembly and disassembly is completely unproblematic, but the fun factor is endless! The slackline is suitable for both children and adults. Length 17,5 m. The integrated tree guard prevents the slackline from being cut into when lashing down. For particularly thin-barked trees, we recommend that you attach an old blanket or a piece of carpet under the slackline to the tree in addition to improving pressure distribution. With ratchet for quick and above all safe tensioning. Trains the sense of balance. Promotes self-confidence. Loadable up to 150 kg.

Item ID 9976500
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Corvus
Weight 3135 g
Dimensions 375×135×115mm
tab placehold


Corvus Slackline

Item number 9976500

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