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Ideal for throwing, catching and spinning. Filled with spelt husks and heavy enough to fly well, but at the same time soft enough to avoid injury. L 10 x W 12 cm plus 70 cm long fabric tail. The CAST consists of a small cotton bag (approx. 10x12cm) and an approx. 70cm long fabric tail. The bag is filled with spelt husks and is therefore heavy enough to fly well and at the same time soft, so that no injuries occur. The CASTING MAT is suitable for catching exercises, throwing, spinning and for movement games as well as for professional therapeutic use. The Throw Mat flies slower than most balls and can be easily caught by small children, also because there is always the possibility to reach for the long tail. The WURFMATZ can be washed cold and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. From 3 years. for throwing and catching practice soft long tail filled with spelt husk from 3 years

Item ID 4344400
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Matz-Spiele
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 208×80×50mm
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Item number 4344400

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