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According to the Biocide Regulation, this article is not subject to labelling requirements. Protects against contamination by dogs and cats! CleanPlay is effective and long-lasting and is ideal for sandpits, green areas, flower and vegetable beds etc. It consists of volcanic rock with ethereal fragrances. Due to its special structure CleanPlay releases the contained essential oils very slowly. Thus, depending on the weather, it must be used only 1-2 times per season. The essential oils are perceived as unpleasant by cats and dogs. The fine granulalt is practically not visible in the sand. On beds and green areas it is not washed into the ground by rain as easily as e.g. a powder. Once it has released its scent, it acts as a water and nutrient store and improves the soil structure. The refreshing lemony smell makes CleanPlay ideal for indoor use (e.g. in flower pots). Resealable shaker box. Content 750 g. Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

Item ID 4011500
Age rating No age restriction
Weight 800 g
Dimensions 260×100×70mm
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CleanPlay Play Sand

Item number 4011500

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