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nice on balcony, terrace, garden for painting, sticking, etc. nice to give away produced in a workshop for people with disabilities untreated natural wood Ø 24 cm rod length 50 cm This pretty windmill would like to be beautifully designed. Painted, glued, or whatever else creative children and adults can think of. Made in a workshop for people with disabilities. Untreated natural wood. Beautiful on the balcony, terrace, garden. Nice to give away. Dimensions: Ø 24 cm. Rod length 50 cm.

Item ID 4224500
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Werkstätten St.Josefshaus
Weight 67 g
Dimensions 580×220×60mm
tab placehold

Werkstätten St.Josefshaus


Item number 4224500

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