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for decorationfor parties, curtain rod, wall, bed, etc.made of handmade paper details & beautifully designedHandmade from NepalColour variations possibleLovingly designed room decoration made of handmade paperHandmade Nepal paper is one of the finest in the world. Here it is processed to three garlands with artistic dragonflies, birds and flowers. Lovingly, elaborately and richly detailed in pure handicraft. These paper garlands are a beautiful decoration over the bed, at the play stand, at the window etc. Set of 3.length approx. 150 cm.handmade paper, Nepal ATTENTION. No toy in the sense of the toy guideline 2009/48/EG.

Item ID 4184300
Age rating No age restriction
Weight 22 g
Dimensions 155×110×25mm
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Set of 3 Hand-made Paper Garlands

Item number 4184300

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