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For children and adultsSize adjustable by velcro fillable ear compressesHeadband with velcro easy to useEasy to use and especially comfortable for children. With the ear compress you can attach natural remedies like onion, healing wool or medicinal herbs like camomile or lavender flowers to the ear. Our ear wrap headband consists of a headband and two fillable ear compresses. The ear wrap headband consists of: Organic cotton plush and organic cotton wrap are traditionally used, supporting household remedies and do not replace a visit to the doctor! Good care is rewarded:The ear compress is washable up to 40°C. Pull the wet compress into shape and let it dry. Headband length: 61 cm

Item ID 9810900
Age rating No age restriction
Weight 111 g
Dimensions 210×145×20mm
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Head Band with Ear Warmers

Item number 9810900

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