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Emil® - the drinking bottle made of glass. The practical and beautiful glass bottle made of insulated, dishwasher-proof glass is the classic among the drinking bottles for children. It is covered by a shatterproof thermo mug and an insulating, washable cover made of 100% organic cotton. Thus the Emil drinking bottle offers a safe and sustainable alternative for storing drinks. The tasteless and dishwasher-safe glass drinking bottle can be filled up to 60° C and is also suitable for carbonated drinks. This makes the drinking bottle suitable for a wide range of uses and makes it an excellent gift for school enrolment. On the bottom of the bottle is engraved "The flower of life". Made in Germany. Size 1: 400 ml approx. ø8,5 cm, length approx. 21 cm. Gr 2: 600 ml ca ø 9 cm, length ca. 25 cm. The idea for this special bottle was born over 25 years ago out of the anger of the Weiss family about the masses of rubbish produced daily by drink packaging. In the meantime, the family business has established itself on the market in the second generation. The practical products are still produced in an environmentally friendly way and are manufactured exclusively in Europe. Sustainability through waste avoidance has been the motto all these years.

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Emil the water bottle, organic strips

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