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in 2 sizes: 200 and 1000 pieces of precisely worked wooden sticks untreated pine wood for a variety of art and buildings, streets, shapes, patterns stimulates creativity promotes hand-eye coordination and concentration Kapla is an incredibly versatile building block system made of pine wood, which inspires children well into adulthood. The special thing: There is only one basic element. In contrast to other building blocks, this one is very precisely crafted, in a ratio of 1:3:5 (so each building block is three times as wide as high and five times as long as wide). With this, the inventor Tom van der Bruggen has created a building block that makes both simple and incredibly complex and ingenious constructions possible. Children can let their imagination run wild and build the most fascinating buildings, bridges, gates, but also works of art, animal figures, patterns etc. The stones come in a high-quality and very stable wooden box (1000 pieces) with rolls or in a decorative box (200 pieces). They are tidied up in no time after building. Including instruction book with many building ideas. Age recommendation: from 3 years For your information: From about 3 years, children start to invent ornaments or pictures with coloured elements and develop skills in handling different materials. An incredibly versatile toy that encourages creativity

Item ID 3340100
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer KAPLA
Weight 2900 g
Dimensions 350×245×145mm
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Kapla Building Blocks

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