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on purely vegetable basis vegan very productive manufactured in Germany soap bubbles on purely vegetable basis. Vegan and very productive. Through three rings - one large, one medium and one small - children (and adults) can blow beautifully shimmering soap bubbles. Of course we tested this immediately. It works wonderfully, and especially the small soap bubbles last astonishingly long. Great fun for young and old. The container is also something special: it is made of polywood. This is a polyethylene with finely ground wood fibre. This can save over 20 percent crude oil. German production. Our tip: With the refill pack, blowing soap bubbles later becomes much cheaper! Best to order at the same time. Ingredients (German): water, organic glycerine*, sugar tensides, vegetable organic alcohol*, vegetable thickener, natural polymer, microsilver.certificates: Ecogarantie + EcoControl* from controlled organic cultivation The popular game in organic quality

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Sonett Bio Bubbles

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