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The drawing pen set from Lyra contains 12 high quality sketching pencils with particularly resistant lead and excellent fluidity of stroke. The graphite watercolour pencil is water-based and is ideal for creating fascinating watercolour effects. The red chalk pencil, greasy, red-brown is perfect for portraits and body studies, while the red chalk pencil, greaseless, red-brown is more suitable for sketching. With the Sepia Pencil, non-greasy, dark brown, moods, nude studies and landscapes can be captured. The white chalk pencil, non-greasy is perfect for working on tinted or black paper and for lightening red chalk motifs. With the charcoal pencil, non-greasy, soft transitions can be created by blurring, e.g. for sketching oil paintings. Fixing is absolutely necessary here. With the 3 carbon special drawing pens, greasy, black, great depth effects can be achieved due to the strong structure. Each pen has a lead thickness of 3.8 / 5 mm. The practical metal case is ideal for transporting and clearly arranged storage of the pens. Becoming active in drawing involves many possibilities. One's own abilities can be recognised and expanded, and the powers of fantasy and creativity can be given space and freedom of design in an ever more diverse way. Through concentrated work, one's own inner space can be experienced andgrasped, and what is experienced inside can be put on paper with the will and power to create. With Lyra's drawing pens, beginners and advanced learners have a wonderful tool at hand to make inner and outer images and experiences visible. Contents: 12 drawing pens in a metal case Graphite-Watercolour pencil, 4B. Graphite watercolour pencil, HB. Charcoal pencil, grease-free, 2B. Charcoal pen, non-greasy, HB. Special carbon drawing pencil, 2B. Carbon special drawing pen, B. Carbon special drawing pen, extra dark, HB. Sepia pen, light brown, with grease. Red chalk pencil greasy, reddish-brown. Sepia pencil, non-greasy, dark brown. Red chalk crayon, non-greasy, reddish brown. White chalk crayon, non-greasy. Dimensions: 19 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm. Lyra is one of the world's oldest brands for quality products for kindergarten, school, office and art supplies. Originally from Nuremberg, the brand, which can look back on a history of more than two hundred years, uses increasingly efficient and at the same time environmentally conscious methods to manufacture its high-quality products.

Item ID 10000835
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Lyra
Weight 219 g
Dimensions 12×0×2mm
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Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials Pastel Pencils

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