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The mattress is designed for grown children and is similar to an adult mattress in its construction and height. The coconut latex core is covered on both sides with natural latex foam sheets, so it is possible to turn the mattress and enjoy the same lying comfort from both sides. The mattress has excellent ventilation and is point-elastic soft on the surface. The coating either with virgin sheep's wool or cotton/linen ensures good moisture transport. Recommendations: from 5-16 years. Tends to be suitable for prone or supine position, conditionally suitable for lateral position. Core: 2.5 cm 100% natural latex foam QUL, 5 cm 100% coconut latex QUL, 2.5 cm 100% natural latex foam QUL. Sheathing A: 100% virgin sheep's wool kbT, (500g/m2). Cover: 100% organic cotton, Drell 60° washable, with zipper on three sides. Undercover: 100% organic cotton, jersey. Dimensions: H 12 cm x W 90 cm x L 200 cm. Weight: 17,5 kg.

Item ID 10001139
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Baumberger Schlafkomfort
Weight 17500 g
Dimensions 2000×90×120mm
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Baumberger Schlafkomfort

Junior Mattress made of Natural Latex

Item number 5130920C

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