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for dry feltingfor all wool qualities10 needles in the strengths 5 times coarse and 5 times fineBasic equipment and stock, if a needle breaks off: 10 pieces, 5 x coarse and 5 x fine, for all wool qualitiesOur tip: Felting needles break easily, but broken off felting needles must not be thrown away, but are valuable helpers. When felting with moulds, you can use a broken needle to push the wool into fine corners very easily and precisely. This is much easier than using your fingers. Your work becomes more even and beautiful.

Item ID 4971200
Age rating 6 and older
Manufacturer Filges
Weight 10 g
Dimensions 90×60×10mm
tab placehold


Filges Set of Felting Needles

Item number 4971200

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Content 1 piece
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