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A table and two chairs, specially made for children. Made of solid alder wood, with rounded edges and biologically treated surface, very sturdy and above all tilt resistant. The furniture is durable and easy to maintain. Due to the biologically treated surface, traces of use can be easily sanded down and repaired. Table dimensions: L 75 cm x W 54 cm x H 53 cm. Chair dimensions: seat height 30 cm, seat surface 36 cm x 27 cm. Delivery without decoration. Gabriel seating furniture made of organic solid alder wood Children need seating furniture that matches their size: Painting, handicrafts and many games are twice as much fun at a table at a comfortable height. And with increasing endurance, our loved ones also like to sit on matching chairs - naturally made of all-round healthy solid organic alder wood. Tested and recommended by kindergartens.

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Livipur Gabriel SET 2 chairs, 1 table

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