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In earlier times, a fire was kept in every house - so there were always embers of wood at hand to smoke resins or herbs. Today the use of self-igniting smoking coal is widespread: For this, sand is spread on the bottom of an incense burner (without sand, the smoking pot could become very hot!). Then you light a charcoal tablet and place it upright in the sand. Due to the self-ignition mechanism, the whole tablet soon glows. If a grey-white layer forms on the surface, the tablet can be placed with the hollow facing upwards. Incense, Palo Santo, sage or a mixture of incense can be spread into this hollow with a spoon or with the fingertips. The substances smoulder and form fragrant smoke, which rises in a variety of forms. Contents: 10 tablets.

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Charcoal tablets 3.3cm / 10 pieces

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