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especially for kindergarten and preschool children 7 strings, pentatonicTone sequence d' - e''made of maple woodIncluding tuning keyThe small lyre was developed especially for kindergarten and preschool children. Its open delicate tone as well as its beautiful handy shape inspire the little child to practice in free play. A little story or a lullaby can be atmospherically accompanied with the Small Lyre. The pentatonic lyre has 7 strings and is made of maple wood. It is delivered including tuning key. Pentatonic, tone sequence d' - e'''.dimensions: 32 x 20 cm.for your information: First musical instrumentsChildren love fine sounds and almost always choose pentatonic tone sequences, that "primeval music of mankind" which always sounds harmonious. This is why pentatonically tuned instruments are particularly suitable for early musical education.

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Auris Little Lyre

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