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made of pearwoodIncluding cleaning rod and flute bagTone sequence d''- e''''pentatonicwith 6 finger holes, 440 HzSpecially for making music in groups for children from 6 years of ageThe pentatonic flute Quinta with the tone sequence d''- e''' was developed especially for making music together in groups and convinces with a mild, harmonic tone and a particularly easy response. The flute for children from 6 years has 6 finger holes and is made of pearwood. It comes with a cleaning rod and a cotton flute bag. Tone sequence d''- e''' with 6 finger holes. 440 Hz. Length: 27 cm. for your information: First musical instrumentsChildren love fine sounds and almost always choose pentatonic tone sequences, that "Primeval music of mankind" which always sounds harmonious. This is why pentatonically tuned instruments are particularly suitable for early musical education.

Item ID 1646000
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Choroi
Weight 127 g
Dimensions 330×50×50mm
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Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute

Item number 1646000

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