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This durable leather school satchel in a timeless design is the classic for the Waldorf School. The beautiful, light bio-leather satchel made of vegetable tanned eco-leather with carrying handle and padded back is ideal for school beginners due to its high carrying comfort. The spacious inside pocket of the satchel as well as the large front pocket provides space for all the school supplies needed by pupils of the first classes of a Waldorf school. The padded and continuously adjustable back straps are easy to use. Additional protection in the dark is provided by the illuminated strips on the side of the satchel and the two reflector buckles. In our online shop you will find the model in further variations. With the change from the 1st year seven to the 2nd year seven also the change from the Waldorf kindergarten to the Waldorf school is pending. For children and parents this is an important and decisive step. In the book "This is Waldorf School" by Wolfgang Held or in more detail in "The Education of the Child" by Rudolf Steiner, basic anthroposophical and Waldorf ideas can be read. One aspect of Waldorf education is the great importance attached to the child's environment. The child's environment has an immediate effect. For this reason, we do not use colours that overflow with stimuli and prefer materials that offer a rich variety of experiences and sensory perception. In this sense, this satchel is perfectly suited for the beginning of the school years. Material: full-grain cowhide. Dimensions: 37 x 31 x 12 cm. Weight: 1500 g. The Leder-Wolf company is a fourth generation family business from Germany. From selected materials, leather products are handmade by experienced employees. The traditional company attaches great importance to sustainability. In addition to the economical use of resources, the company pays attention to waste avoidance and exemplary recycling when processing the high-quality leather goods.

Item ID 4345400
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Leder-Wolf
Weight 1290 g
Dimensions 390×320×150mm
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Organic Leather Waldorf School Satchel Red

OrganicMade in Germany

Item number 4345400

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