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Cottage, furniture set and puzzle all in one. A versatile, high-quality, natural toy. Also practical for travelling. 17-piece furniture set, whose design and layout leave enough room for your own creativity. Multi-functional and changeable, it encourages free design and play and encourages the child to give free rein to its imagination to create its own play worlds. Stained surfaces mean a pleasant feel.dimensions: H 16 x W 22 x D 7 cm.for your information:From around 3 years of age, children start to invent ornaments or pictures with coloured elements and develop skills in handling different materials. Cottage, furniture set and puzzle in one, high-quality, of course practical for on the way17-piece multifunctional and changeable stained surfaceDimensions: H 16 x W 22 x D 7 cmThe "Dollhouse" for on the way

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Nic furniture store natural

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