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An insider tip for long car journeys or rainy summer afternoons. With motifs by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann. From 4 years. 32 playing cards. Measuring 7 x 11 cm This beautiful card game with pictures by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann is an insider tip for long car trips, rainy summer days or playing afternoons with the whole family. The eight pairs of four are sorted by their habitat: Frog, snail, fish, salamander - squirrel, deer, rabbit, mouse - cockchafer, bee, grasshopper, butterfly - crocodile, camel, elephant, lion - wolf, fox, wild boar, bear - tit, robin, raven, owl - swan, duck, chicken, peacock - sheep, goat, cow, pig. From 4 years. 32 playing cards. Measures 7 x 11 cm.beautifully painted pictures of Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann32 cardsFrom 3 years oldDimensions 7 x 11 cm

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Manufacturer Kraul
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 115×78×15mm
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Item number 9669900

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