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handles beech wood. Powder-coated metal, stainless steel. Production Germany. Classic, beautiful and indestructible. For garden, sandbox and everywhere where there is something to shovel, build, rake or muddle. Durable metal set with wooden handles (except for the sieve).The set contains:1 metal bucket (1.5 l, H 15 cm), red, wooden handle1 metal hand shovel, blue, wooden handle1 metal hand rake (L 18 cm), blue1 metal sieve (Ø 26 cm), blue, wooden handleall in cotton net The ideal play set for sandpit and beach: a red metal bucket (1.5 l, H 15 cm), a blue metal shovel (L 22 cm), a blue metal rake (L 18 cm), a blue metal sieve (Ø 26 cm) with a cotton net for carrying. Total weight: 730 g.

Item ID 4314020
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Glückskäfer
Weight 707 g
Dimensions 280×230×150mm
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Sand Game Set

Item number 4314020

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